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Our criteria for consume ingredients is based on quality are imported raw materials  from abroad.

Accordingly, a lotion with a higher level of conventional extraction compounds is completed.

Jevie lotion that can sprout seeds

You can use for  babies to adults.

Dr. Mesri's Message

After 32 years of research and studies, the Jevie lotion was developed. I believe

this lotion is amongst highest quality of its kind due to its high nutrient content.

26 top quality plant extracts were used for the Jevie lotion and were carefully

chosen based on their history of usage. The high standard of quality of these

extracts have yielded a truly unique lotion that has yet to be duplicated. Water

extraction techniques were used which bypassed the need to add chemicals

during the extraction process for the Jevie lotion. Moreover no artificial or

chemical fragrances were used in the Jevie lotion. There is no age limit for the

users of Jevie lotion – it is suitable for new born babies to adults.

Since we have used mostly plant extracts the radish seeds can germinate inside of Jevie lotion as following instructions:

Mesri Shahram




Note*: Usually seeds can germinate when the temperature is above 18 C.

Old seeds do not germinate.


Radish seeds are purchased from: (



Company standard


Materials place a most importance on the place of origin for quality assurance.

We value the timing of harvesting.

Water extraction is mainly used when extracting raw materials. We use 5 times more raw materials than the extraction method using chemicals.

Combination of the materials are determined based on the theoretical botany. Our

product concept is based on the botany theory.

* Our theory is based on the combination of old Greek health system (the law of wellness

that was developed in ancient Persia, Rome and the Egyptian region) and old Indian health System (it was developed in India, Nepal and Sri-Lanka region).

We do not use artificial flagrance but use highly purified essential oils.

Research on raw materials and extraction methods evolves day by day. The quality of

Jevie lotion will also be improved accordingly.

The degree of the “chemical” usage is evaluated by the condition of the seeds

germination. Therefore our testing method is simple and easy for anyone to understand.